Hunting Binoculars for Specific Locations

Binoculars for hunters are a necessity and outdoor enthusiasts alike. They offer an enhanced visual clarity of distant objects, allowing hunters to carry out detailed observations and accurately analyze their surroundings. Whether you are scouting the territory or searching for a potential target, binoculars increase the possibility of a successful hunt.

7 Hunting Binoculars for Specific Locations Review

However, different hunting locations require different binoculars with specific attributes and features to optimize their efficiency. In this guide, I will explore different hunting binoculars for different terrains or locations and uncover their unique features. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself.

Hunting Binoculars for Specific Locations

I am going to tell you about the best hunting binoculars in specific locations, along with their features, so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. Let’s dive into it:

1. Best binoculars for Hunting in the USA

When it comes to hunting, having reliable binoculars numbers is necessary to achieve success in the hunt. These reliable hunting tools offer improved vision, allowing hunters to scout for game, detect any movement, and search for the potential target. If you are in the USA and planning to hunt, then the following is the best binocular for hunting and your adventure:

Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 10×42

Untitled design 45


  • 42mm objective lenses
  • 10X magnification
  • Age Range 509.00
  • Compact design
  • Magnification 42x
  • XR anti-reflective lens

Vortex Viper HD is one of the best binoculars that any hunters can get their hands on. Vortex Optics is known for producing high-quality and well-built binoculars, and their HD series is highly appreciated among the hunter community. As an outdoor enthusiast, I tried these binoculars for my hunting and was amazed by their performance.

Furthermore, Vortex Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars are available in different models; you can go for 8×42, 10×42, or 12×50 (very expensive), depending upon your needs and requirements. The best binocular magnification for hunting and objective lenses are among the most important factors to consider when buying hunting binoculars. The magnification is expressed through the first number, for example, in this Vortex Viper case, 10x, and the objective lens is denoted by the second number, “42”.

Why these matters? Because Vortex Viper’s magnification power of “10x” implies that any distant object I want to observe will appear ten times closer than it would with the naked eye. Whereas “42mm” refers to the size of the objective lens, which is the larger lens at the front of the binoculars. An objective lens is necessary because it determines how much light enters the binocular optical system.

Therefore, both magnification and objective lens are crucial considerations that you should take into account. Next, let me tell you about Vortex Viper HD quality; its rugged construction and features are packed in rubber armored chassis with Armor Tek protections that save it from dirt, oil stains, and scratches. Hence you can be assured that you are keeping these binoculars for a longer time.

Moreover, the best thing about Vortex Viper HD binoculars is that they are water and fog-proof, owing to the Argon purging and O-ring seals. This means you can enjoy binoculars hunting in any weather condition without compromising the optics performance. I did not experience any problems with Vortex Viper HD binoculars.


  • Water and fogproof
  • Excellent warranty
  • Advanced optical system
  • Anti-reflective lens coatings
  • Locking right-eye diopter


  • Expensive
  • Stronger detent required

Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars are overall the best choice for hunters, and it has better quality and performance than most binoculars in the same price range.

2. Best Binoculars for Hunting in Australia

Let me tell you about the perfect binocular that is suitable for various hunting environments across Australia:

Bushnell H20 Compact Roof Prism Binocular

best Bushnell H20 Compact Roof Prism Binocular


  • Objective lens 42
  • 17mm eye relief
  • Age range adult
  • 12’ close focus distance
  • Bak 4 prism glass

When going out hunting, the quality of your binoculars really matters, as you wouldn’t want them to malfunction while observing your potential target in the field. This is where the Bushnell H20 Compact roof prism comes into play; it has excellent quality and water-resistant properties. Although small in size, they are tough and can withstand any weather conditions or challenging environment.

Moreover, it has shock absorption features, so if it accidentally slips from your hand, you do not have to worry about it breaking. The Bushnell H20 compact binoculars have textured rubber pads that offer me a powerful grip and more control over the binoculars. Additionally, it is also fog-proof due to its O-ring sealing and nitrogen filling, making it easier to see your prey at any temperature.

Now, let’s talk about its main points: image quality and magnification. The Bushnell H20 Compact Roof Prism Binocular offers 10x magnification and 42mm objective lenses.

The 10x magnification provides a wider field view, which is best for general hunting. However, remember that the higher magnification narrows down the field view, meaning only a smaller and specific area is visible at once.

Therefore, select magnification based on your hunting requirements and style. Bushnell H20 binoculars use Bak-4 prism glass, which offers excellent and clear image quality. A superior optical glass such as the Bak-4 prism amplifies light transmission by reducing the internal reflection that results as light travels through the prism, thus enhancing the clarity of the observed image or object.

Moreover, Bushnell H20 binoculars are comfortable and easy to use. In addition, if you wear glasses, then H20 binoculars are the best option for you as they offer eye relief of 17mm.

You can also adjust the eyecups to your requirements and needs. What’s more, Bushnell H20 compact binoculars come with a case and neck strap, which makes it more convenient to carry them around without any difficulty.


  • Provides clear and excellent images
  • Water and fog proof
  • Shock absorbent property
  • High-quality


  • A little heavy
  • Periodic focus adjustment

With excellent quality, water-resistant properties, and Bak-4 prism glass, the Bushnell H20 Compact Roof Prism Binocular is your best bet. Although it can feel a little heavy when carrying it for a longer time, I can still manage it.

3. Good Binoculars for hunting in Africa

Hunting in Africa is an exciting and thrilling pursuit that attracts hunters from different parts of the world. From the vast landscape to the dense forest of Central Africa, each location offers challenging hunting competitions. Therefore, hunting in Africa requires reliable binoculars to observe and track your targets in the vast landscapes and dense forests.

Steiner Optics HX Series Binoculars

Steiner Optics HX Series Binoculars jpg


  • 56mm objective lens
  • Metallic-fiber
  • Age range adult
  • 15.4mm eye relief
  • 115x magnification

Explore a wide selection of hunting binoculars for sale, Steiner’s HX series is specially designed to enhance your outdoor pursuits and bring your target closer into view. Therefore, it is your best option, although it is very expensive. The HX series offers you different models ranging from 8x42mm to 15x56mm. I will focus on the powerful 15×56 and 10x 42 model and their features.

As said above, magnification and objective lens matter when it comes to hunting. In Africa, there are various places for hunting; if you want to hunt in bushes or densely wooded terrain, you can go for 8x magnification. However, if you need higher magnification, you can opt for 10x or above magnification for a clearer view of the targets.

These HX series are built to withstand the rough terrain of Africa. Made from polycarbonate plastic, it contributes to its excellent quality, lightweight properties, and impact resistance. So you can take these binoculars on your hunting with confidence and ease.

Furthermore, the Steiner HX series offers water-resistant and fog-proof properties, which makes it an excellent choice for handling diverse weather commonly encountered in Africa. Additionally, it also has Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) rubber which has heat-resistant properties and can withstand any dirt or oil stains and provide a strong grip.

The Steiner HX series offers 15.4mm eye relief, which is not the best but is suitable for most users who wear glasses. Though the eye relief was enough for my face shape, I could see my target clearly. However, it all comes down to personal requirements and needs.


  • The chassis has excellent quality
  • Close focus is impressive
  • N2 injection system
  • Nano protection
  • High magnification


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Steiner Optics HX Series Binoculars offer reliable performance and durability, which is required for hunting in Africa. Furthermore, they are easy to focus on and offer clear optics.

4. Best Binoculars for Hunting in Alaska

Looking for the best binoculars for your hunting trip in Alaska? Then look no further. I will tell you the best option perfect for hunting in Alaska:

Vortex Optics Razor UHD Binoculars 10×50

Vortex Optics Razor UHD Binoculars 1050 jpg


  • 10x magnification
  • 50mm objective lens
  • O-ring seals
  • Abbe Koenig prism
  • Magnesium chassis

The Vortex Optics Razor UHD binoculars were definitely built or designed with hunters in mind. Its performance blew me away, and they are definitely worth the hype. Like other binoculars mentioned in the list, Vortex Razor UHD offers modes ranging from 8×42 to 10×50.

Let’s begin with the most important factor of any binocular, which is its optical performance. Why do we buy binoculars? Of course, to see our targets clearly and observe their every movement. If binoculars do not perform this function accurately, then what is the use of buying one?

I can assure you that the optical performance of Vortex Razor UHD binoculars is excellent because of the integration of the Abbe Koenig prism system that provides a clear and bright image. The advantage of using this prism system is that it allows for a direct light route, reducing the risk of image degradation due to internal reflections. However, Abbe Koenig amplifies the weight of the binoculars, and they may feel bulky and heavy.

Their weight was a bit problem for me, especially if you have to travel continuously and hunt, which might be frustrating in certain cases. But it was not a major deal breaker because its other features, such as optical performance, durability, and more, compensate for the bulky weight.

Next, let me tell you about Vortex Razor UHD’s design and construction. It is highly durable and is designed to withstand harsh and challenging outdoor conditions. They possess magnesium chassis, which offers longevity and can absorb shock or energy much better compared to other materials. The Vortex Viper HD series is among the best binoculars for hunting, offering exceptional clarity and performance in the field.

With its rubber armor, you can have full control over your binoculars without worrying about it slipping away from your hands. Moreover, Vortex Razor UHD also features a tripod mount, which makes observation more comfortable and effortless. If it becomes too heavy for you to carry around, you can attach it to a tripod for a fatigue-free viewing experience.

Another thing about Vortex binoculars is that they are water-resistant and fog-proof, which makes them suitable for hunting in any weather conditions.


  • Right-eye diopter
  • Highly durable
  • Long-eye relief
  • Magnesium chassis
  • Excellent optical performance


  • A little bulkier

If you are looking for hunting binos that provide reasonable low-light performance, excellent visual acuity, and adjustable eye-cups, then get your hands on Vortex Optics Razor UHD Binoculars 10×50. Although they are a bit pricey, but worth the investment. “Binoculars for deer hunting enhance your chances of spotting elusive game and provide a clearer view of your surroundings.”

5. Best Binoculars for Hunting in New Zealand

I will recommend the following binoculars that are best suited for hunting in New Zealand and also explain their features:

Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars 10×42

Best Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars 10x42


  • Objective lens 42mm
  • 14mm eye relief
  • Hydrophobic multi-layer anti-reflective coating
  • Compact design
  • 88% light transmission

Zeiss is one of the most well-known names in the optic industry, so you can’t go wrong when you buy one of their products. The Zeiss Terra ED binoculars offer high optics with 10x magnification and 42mm objective lenses. In addition, Zeiss Terra ED is also available in an 8×42 model.

Zeiss Terra ED has a compact design, thus making it highly portable, which is a bonus for hunters. Moreover, it is also lightweight, making it easier and more comfortable to carry it around without getting annoyed. Although it is lightweight, it is strong enough to handle any scratches, falls, rain, snow, and more.

Zeiss Terra ED delivers powerful optical performance with an impressive 88 % light transmission rate. This percentage implies that a lot of light passes through the binoculars, resulting in clearer and brighter images. Moreover, the integration of Extra-low dispersion (ED) in Terra ED binoculars reduces chromatic aberration, which refers to color fringing, a phenomenon that causes color distortion.

Another exciting feature of Zeiss Terra ED is hydrophobic multi-coating which offers two services. One is that it is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water or other moisture and prevents it from hindering your visibility. Second the “multi-layer anti-reflective coating” minimizes reflections to produce clearer and vibrant images.

Now, let me tell you about the “focus wheel” and its advantages. In Zeiss Terra ED binoculars, the focus wheel is relatively larger in size, which makes it easy to access and control for adjusting the focus. In addition, it has a comfortable and textured grip that prevents it from slipping from your hands.

Lastly, Zeiss Terra ED comes with a harness, an additional accessory that allows you to carry the binoculars without tiring out your hands. Therefore, you can carry your binoculars on your chest without any fatigue and inconvenience.


  • It comes with a binocular harness
  • Hydrophobic multi-coating
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Fast focusing
  • Affordable


  • Problem with objective lens cover

Make your hunt more exciting by using the Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars 10×42 that offer high optical performance and excellent quality without breaking the bank.

6. Best Binoculars for Western Hunting

The western United States offers beautiful, diverse lands, from vast landscapes to steep mountain ranges, making it essential to choose reliable binoculars suitable for these diverse terrains. Let me recommend the best binoculars for Western hunting:

Nikon Monarch 5 10×42 Binocular

Best Binoculars for Western Hunting


  • Objective lens 42mm
  • Extra-low dispersion (ED)
  • Multi-coated eco-glass lenses
  • 18.44mm eye-relief
  • Rubber material

For western hunting, you need a powerful binocular that will help you detect your prey or target from a greater distance. Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars will be your best companion on your hunting trip as it provides a clear view of your target from a greater distance. Furthermore, it has a compact design and is lightweight, making it suitable to carry around on your hunting trip without it being a burden.

Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars feature premium Extra-low Dispersion (ED), which is specifically designed to reduce or minimize chromatic aberration. Binoculars equipped with ED lenses provide a clearer and more vibrant image to hunters than common lenses. Additionally, the reduction in color fringes improves the overall visual perception and accurately represents the observed target.

Another apparent feature of Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars is that they are fully multi-coated and eco-glass friendly. Multi-coated implies that lenses possess anti-reflective coatings, which are basically used to increase light transmissions and reduce light reflections. This reduction in reflection is the reason behind the bright image.

Moreover, the Field of View (FOV) of Monarch 5, claimed by the manufacturer, is 51.3 degrees. This implies a wide field of view, meaning the hunters can easily observe more surroundings and scenes without compromising image quality. This feature enhances the overall hunting experience and allows you to scan larger areas and detect moving objects.

What’s more exciting is that they are water-proof and fog-proof, so you do not have to worry about getting near any water bodies. I have tried the waterproof feature, and it worked great though I will advise you not to throw it in the water. It is suitable for any weather condition, so you can take it on your hunt even in the rain.

Now, let’s discuss the Monarch 5 binoculars’ minor but essential details that collectively contribute to its overall performance. It comes with turn-and-slide eyecups that can be adjusted to find a comfortable position for the eyes to reduce eye strain. Monarch 5 also offers a smooth focus knob that you can effortlessly use to adjust the focus of the lens.


  • Bright and clear image
  • Water and fog proof
  • Adjustable eye cups
  • It is lightweight
  • Rubber armor


  • Oversized lens caps
  • Lack neck strap

Nikon Monarch 5 10×42 Binoculars offer you excellent quality, bright image, and waterproof properties, ensuring an excellent viewing experience in different conditions. Furthermore, you also get a 25-year warranty. I especially enjoyed using these binoculars for my hunting trip.

7. Best Binoculars for Hunting Out West

Athlon Optics Cronus 10×42 UHD Binoculars

Best Binoculars for Hunting Out West


  • 19.3mm eye relief
  • The Field of View (FOV) angular is 6.5 degree
  • 2m (close focus)
  • Bak 4 prism

Let me tell you in detail why Athlon Optics Cronus UHD is your best choice when it comes to hunting Out West. The best binoculars for hunting Out West are those that offer high magnification in order to spot and observe more elk, mule deer, etc. Athlon offers you 10x magnification which is ideal for when you are out hunting for elk or deer.

10X magnification allows you to see the game with more clarity and great details. Clarity is necessary requirement when it comes to hunting; therefore, higher magnification is necessary, especially for vast landscapes.

Moreover, Athlon Optics Cronus UHD offers edge-to-edge clarity, meaning that the field of view (FOV) is sharp and visible. The binoculars help you enhance minute details, which is great for hunting.

I am satisfied with these binoculars because of their attention to minute details and excellent image quality. Athlon UHD accurately represents the color of any observing objects or nature without distorting it. The ESP dielectric coating used in the lenses ensures actual color representation without any flaws, thereby enhancing the overall visual experience.

Athlon Optics Cronus 10×42 UHD Binoculars are made of magnesium which makes the binoculars more sturdy and lightweight. It is more durable, meaning that Athlon UHD can withstand any tough outdoor activities and adventures or rough handling. Once, they accidentally fell from my hands, but there were no scratches or any other bumps on them.

To provide additional durability assurance, Athlon Optics Cronus is equipped with XPL lens coating, which offers extra protection and enhances the durability of binoculars. This coating acts as a barrier that protects binoculars from any scratches or dirt. Therefore, Athlon UHD binoculars are staying with you for an extended period.


  • XPL lens coating
  • High quality
  • ESP dielectric coating
  • Excellent image quality
  • Versatile Use


  • Some may find it heavier

Want binoculars with unparalleled clarity and excellent quality? Then Athlon Optics Cronus 10×42 UHD Binoculars should be on your buying list. Finally, if you are looking best hunting binoculars for the money under the budget then you are right place and that’s for you. Furthermore, the best bowhunting binoculars for the money.


What binocular magnification is best for hunting?

Most experts recommend a magnification range of 8x to 10x for hunting.
Outdoor Life suggests that magnifications in the range of 7x to 10x are ideal for hunting binoculars.
Bushnell recommends midsize to full-size models, which often fall within the 8x to 10x magnification range for practicality in hunting.
Best Binocular Reviews mentions binoculars like the Steiner Nighthunter/Shadowquest 8×56, which falls into the 8x range and is known for its hunting-specific performance.

Which is better 10×42 or 10×50 binoculars?

The choice between 10×42 and 10×50 binoculars depends on your specific needs. If you prioritize a more compact and lightweight option for activities like hiking or birdwatching, 10×42 is a great choice. On the other hand, if you want superior low-light performance, especially for activities like stargazing, the 10×50 binoculars with their larger objective lenses are the better option. It ultimately comes down to your intended use and preferences.

what size binoculars for hunting?

If you are using hunting bino with objective lenses of sizes ranging from 40mm to 50mm. Best bino magnification for hunting offers a balance of light-gathering capability and portability, making them ideal for spotting games in various lighting conditions and terrains.

Concluding Lines

Good Hunting binoculars are essential tools for adventurers and hunters that contribute to the successful hunt. Multiple hunting binoculars are out there in the market, but I have provided some of the best binos for hunting, each with its distinctive attributes and features. Among the list, let me recommend our top rated hunting binoculars with three choices:

  • Vortex Optics Razor UHD Binoculars 10×50 is the best choice for those looking for something durable that can withstand rough outdoor challenges.
  • Nikon Monarch 5 10×42 Binocular offers vibrant and bright images to hunters compared to regular lenses.
  • Athlon Optics Cronus 10×42 UHD Binoculars give attention to small details and provide an accurate representation of the colors.

Before you purchase hunting binoculars, pay attention to durability, image quality, magnification, hunting conditions, and your requirements.